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Baskin-Robbins Coming to Pakistan, First Outlet at Packages Mall, Lahore

Baskin-Robbins is finally coming to Pakistan. A few days back I spotted a Baskin-Robbins “Coming Soon” banner at Packages Mall in Lahore. Posted the picture online in a few food groups and saw a HUGE response on it. There seems to be a big number of Baskin-Robbins fans in Pakistan and people look forward to the brand launching their restaurants in Pakistan.

Previously, a couple of eateries offered Baskin-Robbins ice-creams at their restaurants in Pakistan but they were over-prized and never fresh with only a few selected flavours available. Well, the official outlets are coming soon now!

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Celebrate International Coffee Day with #GoodMorningWorld Selfie Video

Do you love coffee as much as I do? If that’s the case, I have something to share from Nescafe. To celebrate the International Coffee Day 2016 (1st October), Nescafe is doing a 24-hour live stream on Facebook, called Good Morning World,  that will feature user-contributed selfie-style video clips with them enjoying coffee.

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McDonald’s Opening Tomorrow on M.M. Alam Road in Ali Tower

Just thought I’d make this as a post and put it up online. McDonald’s at M.M. Alam Road is going to open tomorrow, 22nd July 2011, in Ali Tower.

The construction and setting up was going on for months now, and while several other stores have already opened up at Ali Tower i.e Uth Oye! and others, it was about time McDonald’s also opened up.

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Cinnabon Pakistan Loves Me!

Like I mentioned in my previous post, here is a little story of me and Cinnabon Pakistan’s Foursquare discount. Before I start, let me just remind everyone of the Foursquare Day 2011 meetup being held in Lahore for the first time. Join the Foursquare Community in Lahore Facebook page if you are one of the Foursquare enthusiasts.


Coming back to the topic, Foursquare recently opened up their Specials option for Pakistan – at which Cafe Istanbul was the first ones to offer a discount on check-in. Then came the TSY Travel Agency special which is giving 2% discount to the mayor. In my opinion, those specials are kinda useless.

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I Have Been Comic-ized

Now this is something that made me laugh my heart out! I never imagined myself in a state with only my food, netbook and iPod around. But Touseef Ikram of PakSatire has visualized and comic-ized me in an AWESOME cartoon!

Do I really eat that much? I mean, seriously? Has food starting to pray for its mercy? :O

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