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First Post of 2011


Okay, so I’ll be honest here. I’ve been too busy for the last few months. And it seems that I’ve even forgotten how to write. But oh well, here I am with my very first post of this year – 2011.

I’m sitting in my uni lab, because my netbook is out of battery. Tons to do and tons to work on, but it seems I’ll have to wait till the evening to get back home and start working from my desktop.

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Good Bye 2010 and Happy Near Year!


So the year is about to end. God, that was fast! It seems like just yesterday I was out celebrating the start of the year 2010. No, I’m in no mood to do a post on my memories of the year 2010. Anyways, an advanced happy new year to everyone reading thing.

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Dell Trip, UCP Welcome, Music Shirts


Last time I wrote a post, I was going to Islamabad to fly off to Singapore for the Dell event. Well, that went really well – enjoyed a lot there in my short trip to Singapore.

Taking a look at things here, UCP has been keeping me busy pretty much. Not that I’m working really hard, hehe, I just get too tired after getting back home from uni that I don’t feel like writing here.

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Gaaahh! I’m a University Student Now!

Hola everyone! Another post after a long time. And as the title says, yes, I’m finally into a university. Last time I wrote a post, I was in the middle of the admission process at UCP.


Let;s move the university topic aside. I have four years to share those stories! 😛 So in case you don’t know, I’m flying off to Singapore tomorrow night. I was there a couple of weeks ago, but yes, another trip there now!

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Donation for the Pakistan Flood Victims

Well, I was thinking of starting this for a few days but never got time to act on that. But it’s always late then never, eh?


I have almost 2000 followers on Twitter, and with that I’m going to start something similar to what my friend Awais Imran did.

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