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Boring day at college, yet enjoyed

Aah, what a tiring day at college. Even though I did nothing today, I’m he’ll tired and feel like sleeping. Right now, I’m in my van and it’s still 20 minutes before I reach home.

A couple of friends didn’t come to college, which was making my day very boring. But a few punishments and scoldings for not completing my homework helped me pass the day with ease. No seriously, it did. Lol.

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I Have 13 Web Browsers Installed LOL!

Since past few days, I’ve been shouting a lot on Twitter about me having 13 web browsers installed in my PC. Many friends asked me to name them all, but telling again and again the same thing to each person is quite boring, so I thought to list them all in a blog post.

They were basically installed to try and review them later on Sizzled Core (which I never got time to do). And if you think I’m mad enough to use all those 13 browsers, then sorry to disappoint you. I don’t!

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